Invest in Greenview

With our diverse resource-rich portfolio matched with an entrepreneurial spirit, Greenview is a key driver of the Canadian economy and is attracting attention in the global marketplace. Along with a highly skilled workforce and a business-friendly environment, Greenview has set itself apart as one of the most productive regions in Canada.

Expand your vision

Greenview’s economy is strengthened by its diversity and our vast endowment of natural resources, which have transformed into world-class industries. The opportunities for supporting businesses in transportation, information technology, communications, engineering, business, and manufacturing are tremendous.

Greenview has the space to grow and a business-friendly environment. Not only do we offer incredible investment opportunities, we also take pride in our communities as a great place to live and play. With one of the lowest commercial and industrial tax rates in Alberta, Greenview has a definite competitive edge.

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Untapped Opportunities

With available industrial land, ready access to water, and a skilled workforce, Greenview is an ideal location for oil and gas activities. In addition, thousands of miles of pipeline already transport refined oil and gas, as well as raw product to larger urban centres in Alberta and the USA.

Rig Lease Tower

Growing Forestry Industry

Fifty-eight per cent or 38 million hectares of Alberta is forested. Greenview is part of Alberta’s Peace Region, home to the province’s top ranked employers in the forestry sector and second highest region for production of forest products. The Peace Country is Alberta’s leading producer of pulp, paper, and panel board.

Wood Chips

Space to Grow

Alberta has one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies, with a total farm area of 50.3 million acres or 20.3 million hectares. Long summer days provide an exceptional growing season. Fed with the pure glacial waters of the Peace River watershed system, the region has unique growing advantages for a wide range of crops.

Canola Cows Wheat